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Contacting our Pastor, Office Manager, and Webmaster

Because of the inordinate amount of spam that has recently been received via our email contact forms, please direct all inquiries to Father McHugh, Erin Braddock, and Chris Tino to the email address for the parish: gsch@ptd.net. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

From the Pastor…Fr. McHugh

We do have several important projects to address, but not until after the festival. Our main areas of concern are the roof and the parking lot. We are at the point where patching the roof is insufficient. At the minimum, we must do the left side of the roof in its entirety. We have recurring leaks on that side not far from the organ. We cannot chance waiting until next summer. To do the whole roof would entail a highly successful festival plus some type of fund drive. The parking lot must be totally coated to protect the initial investment of $80,000. Sealing the cracks is not enough at this point. Another area we should address after the roof and parking lot is security cameras which were recommended by our diocesan audit. However, the roof and parking lot have priority. We also need a metal shed to protect the parish truck. This would cost approximately $1,000 or less and can be purchased after the festival. I would hope that parishioners would try to be in agreement in supporting these projects. In the past, some people have opted to lessen their church involvement or drop out of the parish because their personal agenda was not approved by our parish organizations. We cannot do everything at once. We have to prioritize.

Know Your Parish Council

Go to the Pastoral Council section of our website (use navigation bar on the left side of this page) to learn about this ministry and to see an updated list of Council members. You will also find a nomination form there which you may submit online if you are interested in serving on the Good Shepherd Parish Council.

Good Shepherd Parish 2015 Summer Festival

(A printer-friendly version of the flyer is available on the “Downloads” page of our website.)

For the latest news and announcements about the 2015 Summer Festival go to the “Summer Festival” page of our website.

Bingo at Good Shepherd Church

Bingo every Tuesday evening at Good Shepherd. Doors open at 5:00 PM, games start at 6:00 PM.

Quick Links: Good Shepherd Events – Sunday, June 28 to Sunday, July 5

Ministry Schedules

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From Our Music Ministry: Hymn and Responsorial Psalm Selections (May 31 to July 19, 2015)

The Hymn and Responsorial Psalm Selections for May 31 to July 19, 2015, are now available on the “Downloads” page of our website.

Looking for St. John Bosco Information?

Because Good Shepherd Church and St. John Bosco Church of Conyngham, Pennsylvania are no longer “linked,” you will note that this site is devoted to matters related primarily to Good Shepherd Church. You may visit the St. John Bosco website at www.stjohnboscochurch.org or contact them by phone at (570) 788-1997, or email: stjb@ptd.net.