good shepherd: Stewardship

Envelopes are available to all parishioners and will be sent to your home mailing address. There are green temporary envelopes in the pews for your use until you receive your regular envelopes. Your generosity helps the parish provide basic services.

“Be generous distributors of God's manifold grace, put your gifts at the service of one another, each in the measure you have received.” (1 Pet 4:8-10)

Mass Attendance

Day / Date Mass Time Attendance at Mass
Sat, Jan 6 4:00 PM 209
Sun, Jan 7 8:00 AM 98
10:00 AM 206
  Total Attendance 513

Christmas Collection

Many people increased their Christmas offering this year. Quite a few people gave a three-figure gift. We have already received $12,143 in donations compared to last year’s $12,150.

The Campaign for Human Development

This collection will be taken up on the weekend of January 27 and 28. Envelopes are in your packet.

2017 Contributions

Please clip and place in the collection basket if you would like a statement of your 2017 contributions. Your statement will be mailed to you.


Name ______________________________________

Envelope Number ____________________________

~ For a printer-friendly version (PDF) go to the “Downloads” page of our website.

Parish Membership

Just because you attend Mass here at Good Shepherd, does not necessarily mean you are a member. To be considered a member of Good Shepherd, you MUST register with the office and be put into our Parish Data System to receive envelopes. Loose checks in the collection are considered just that, loose, unless the name is in our PDS system. Please contact the Office to register at (570) 788-3141.

Diocesan Annual Appeal – Parish Update

We have currently reached $24,833 of our $26,000 goal. Thanks to all who contributed to date. This year, there will be envelopes in your March packet. We encourage you to donate if you haven’t done so.