good shepherd: Stewardship

Envelopes are available to all parishioners and will be sent to your home mailing address. There are green temporary envelopes in the pews for your use until you receive your regular envelopes. Your generosity helps the parish provide basic services.

“Be generous distributors of God's manifold grace, put your gifts at the service of one another, each in the measure you have received.” (1 Pet 4:8-10)

Mass Attendance

Day / Date Mass Time Attendance at Mass
Sat, Oct 14 4:00 PM 183
Sun, Oct 15 8:00 AM 158
10:00 AM 208
  Total Attendance 549

World Mission Sunday

This weekend, we celebrate World Mission Sunday. The second collection will benefit the missions. Half of the money contributed to the missions throughout the year is given on the Mission Sunday weekend. The theme is “Celebrating the Mercy of God.” Please support the missions by your prayers and donations.

Hurricane Collections

In the Scranton Diocese, $363,242.78 was contributed to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey. St. Thomas More Parish in Lake Ariel donated the most money for Hurricane Harvey – $8,465. $145,557.17 was contributed by Scranton Diocese parishes to Hurricane Irma. Again, St. Thomas More, Lake Ariel, a good-sized but not one of the larger parishes of the Scranton Diocese, led all parishes with $6,682 donated.

Parish Membership

Just because you attend Mass here at Good Shepherd, does not necessarily mean you are a member. To be considered a member of Good Shepherd, you MUST register with the office and be put into our Parish Data System to receive envelopes. Loose checks in the collection are considered just that, loose, unless the name is in our PDS system. Please contact the Office to register at (570) 788-3141.


“Educating the future generations of the faithful”

Shaping the next generation of the faithful through a Catholic education in our schools and parishes is an essential mission of the Diocese of Scranton. Last year, nearly 5,000 elementary, middle, and high school students benefitted from the academic programs and spiritual guidance offered by our Catholic Schools. More than 17,000 children received religious education in parish-based programs, instilling in them an intimate knowledge of the faith and the love of God, and fostering a desire to serve one another.